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Just main files up to the full sources, get only what you need to build your app


We cooked some demos apps to show what can be done using Emy

no... Another mobile library?!

EMY is an Efficient Mobile web librarY to create lightweight mobile web applications. It doesn’t use grids, JQuery, Boilerplate, Prefix-free, Modernizr... the goal is not to recreate the wheel (Jquery Mobile, Sencha, ...) but to provide a simplier & lighter yet powerful alternative.

To keep things clean & light, we decide to be future friendly, but not fully compatible with things from the past. Bye bye Blackberry OS5, Opera mini or IEMobile. We focus on HTML5 & CSS3 and modern Javascript engines.

That’s why Emy is fast, responsive for less than 45kb, UI images included.

Extensions & plugins gallery

Emy comes with the minimum you need to create your webapplications: sliding transitions, ajax form submission & external files loading, dozen of UI elements and a basic DOM selector. But Emy also includes a few themes and extensions for maps, analytics & offline capabilities.

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